Open Source im professionellen Einsatz

Observations, news and musings on the Free and Open Source Community around the world by Jon "Maddog" Hall.

In Honor of Alan Turing: A message from the sponsor

26.06.2012 09:59
If you are homophobic, you probably want to stop reading now. Just go to the next blog, or dial up Fox News, because the rest of this blog entry will not be satisfying for you. Do not worry, you will be able to read my next blog, just not this one. What is going on? Today I wrote an essay on Alan Turing and the 100th anniversary of his birthday. I have made n...

Blame the user, not the tool

20.06.2012 17:01
For the past several days people have been tweeting at me (and Linus) to change the license of Linux to forbid the kernel's use for war. These tweets were due to the issue of Linux being used in the drones of the US Military. I tweeted back “Do not blame the tool”, but I think that answer was too subtle, as the people kept tweeting. So here is a longer answer for them. Fi...

Campus Party Europe: BIG THINK, BIG Ideas, Free Admission, Accommodation and Transportation

25.05.2012 09:33
Many of you know that I am involved with events called “Campus Party”, which started sixteen years ago in Spain and have spread out to Latin America. Briefly, Campus Party events bring together between 7,000 and 10,000 “campuseros” who live in tents under a gigantic roof, supplied with large amounts of electricity, tabletops, comfy chairs and state-of-the-art Internet. Th...

A Time To Remember

26.04.2012 09:33
The Titanic is probably the most discussed ship of all times. On the 100th anniversary of its sinking I went to see the 1953 classic movie “Titanic” with Clifton Web, Barbara Stanwyck and a very young Robert Wagner at our local “arts” theater, the Wilton Town Hall Theater. The movie was free (donations to local charities recommended), and a huge bucket of fresh-popped popcorn, with re...

My grandmother, the thief!

02.01.2012 12:58
Just when you think the copyright and patent laws have reached their peak, more atrocities whack you in the face. After all these years I find out that according to US patent law (35 U.S.C. 161 Patents for Plants) my grandmother was a thief! My grandmother loved plants. Every year seed catalogs would appear in our mailbox, and grand-mom would pour through them for hours....

RIP Dennis

13.10.2011 16:47
Over the weekend of October 8th a giant of computer science died. Like a lot of really great people in the field, he died without a lot of fanfare, most of his friends and colleagues finding out about his death several days later. I heard about his death last night from a post by Rob Pike, and while I wanted to blog about it last night, I found I could not, so I waited until this morn...

Luis Iván Cuende García demonstrates the power of Free Software and the determination of a fifteen year old

27.09.2011 10:40
A few months ago I went to Campus Party in Spain. I have blogged about Campus Party before, so I will not spend a lot of time and space here on that topic. I will tell you about a young man, Luis Iván Cuende García, who was fifteen years old when I met him but who had released his own distribution of Linux called “Asturix”. He, his father and his friend Ricardo had all t...


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